Lot Services

IOL (Inventory Online) – Industry-Leading Automotive Merchandising Platform

Tired of updating your online inventory on multiple websites? IOL (Inventory Online) does the work for you! Top internet departments across the country rely on IOL to turn their online inventory into powerful online marketing!

  • Manage your entire online inventory from one centralized location
  • Unlimited inventory distribution to any online destination
  • DMS polling and other data collection
  • Industry-leading time to market inventory updates
  • Create emotional advertisements for every vehicle on your lot
  • Premium VIN Enhancement with stock photos
  • Import/Export data conversions
  • eBay Ad Generator and IOL Auction Manager
  • Email Ad Generator
  • CARFAX vehicle history report look-up and window sticker integration (Requires CARFAX account)

Ad Manager – Craigslist and eBay posting tools

IOL Ad Manager simplifies posting the right cars on Craigslist, eBay National, and Backpage with its intuitive pick and post method. With simplified transactions, ad budgeting, and extensive reporting, IOL Ad Manager is the best choice for your merchandising needs. And now, with IOL Ad Manager Auto Post, the posting process is automated, so you can get back to business.

IOL Ad Manager - Take Complete Control of Your Vehicle Postings
IOL Ad Manager Auto Post - All Postings Handled Automatically

Video Online – Engage shoppers with inventory videos

Video Online saves you valuable time by automatically generating and distributing quality videos from your existing data and photos in IOL and creates engagement through professional voiceovers. For the ultimate media experience, upload your custom live videos to create compelling ads that reinforce the emotional connection to shoppers.

Power Writer – Automated vehicle comments

Save time with this robust comment builder that generates randomized comments for used vehicles with one click, based on make, model, mileage, days in stock and other common vehicle filters. Want automated comments for your new cars? Ask about our New Car Merchandising.

KBB Merchandising – KBB Valuations and more

  • Automatically assign valuation pricing on all used inventory
  • Receive automatic book updates so that your Kelley Blue Book pricing is always accurate
  • Apply Kelley Blue Book Valuations and Value Added Options directly to your Window Stickers

RepGauge – Online reputation manager

Manage your online reputation with dashboard reporting, actionable insights, and daily alerts of all online mentions to respond quickly to consumers. Stay currnet with status reports for directory and keyword search ranking. Our 3-in-1 dashboard includes:

  • Reviews - ALL online mentions, not just brand monitoring, with daily alerts, ratings, links and more. Tracks your reputation through ‘pre-purchase’ researched posts from potential customers as well as ‘post-purchase’ comments from new customers that affect future sales. ‘Brand monitoring’ misses 87% of local mentions, (VenueLabs, 2013), but RepGauge captures virtually ALL mentions.
  • Social Media Chatter - Monitoring the perception of your brand/reputation across social media channels. Are you successfully ‘pushing’ your brand message out to consumers?
  • Local SEO - Optimizing local search engines and directories to maximize your online visibility to a captive search audience actively looking for local new/used car options. They can’t buy from you if they are not finding you online first.